Medal Ball
Saturday, October 23

A celebration of our graduates for the year!

This will be an in-house format, probably for the last time (next year we will back with our other district studios again), so we want to make this one a special event.

With pandemic restrictions lessened we will welcome the opportunity for a more gathered, social event in the studio 🙂

Fall FESTIVAL 2021
November & December

A 6-week series of fun theme parties, special group classes and an out-of-studio event. 

Dates to be announced, so stay tuned!

Christmas Studio Party
December 17, 2021

Vancouver Dance-O-Rama April, 2022

YAY!  We are back to an in-person celebration 🙂

Keep posted for the details, we are hoping for a potluck dance party…

A 3-day series of competitions and performance events that is held in various locations in Area 6 (western North America and Hawaii) and only comes to our city every several years.

Find out how you can participate and/or spectate this fun event!