Fall FESTIVAL 2021
November, December and into January, 2022...

A 6-week series of fun theme parties, special group classes, formation and other performance opportunities and an out of studio experience – this year it’s our theatre show!

Dates and details are finalized now so make sure you ask at the studio when you’re in…

Studio Christmas Party
December 17, 2021

“Arthur Murray on Stage” Theatre Show 

Date TBD

Ballroom Blitz

(Date TBD, 2022)

Vancouver Dance-O-Rama April 21-24, 2022

YAY!  We are back to an in-person celebration 🙂

We are going to be on the stage for a fun theatre performance as the finale for our FESTIVAL and the kick-off to a year of dancing! 

Stay tuned for details such as start time, etc…

Our early spring in-house event.  Always a fun time and a great chance to show off your dancing.  We are, **hopefully**, back to our regular format with social dance floor and snacks abounding!!

A 3-day series of competitions and performance events that is held in various locations in Area 6 (western North America and Hawaii) and only comes to our city every several years.

Find out how you can participate and/or spectate this fun event!