Older news…

The Friday Night Zoom Party took a different turn on Halloween-eve on Friday, October 30.  Congratulations to our draw winners: Kate O., Sharon R., Issah and our grand prize winner, Regina.  🙂  We also have photos added to the photo albums page from our whole Hallowee…eeek!

Congratulations, everyone, on your great performances at the Spotlight Ball!  It was redesigned into an event that was very different than usual but just as fun.   Check the photo album for some great photos 🙂

Our Ladies’ Formation (All that Jazz) and the Flash Mob video link has been added to the VLOG page.

Summer Festival was a hoot!   We’ve been seeing the t-shirts going to good use as people come in the studio (looking quite sharp, we might add!).

We have an Arthur Murray Coquitlam Studio BLOG with articles posted as we write them, keep an eye on the “latest news” section below or on the homepage.  We will also post blog post updates on our Facebook page.

We are continuing our larger gatherings virtually and we have some fun things planned for everyone during this time.  We are continuing to try new things with this, so we appreciate your feedback!

In order to participate virtually you will need to have access to Zoom, a video conferencing software.  It’s free to download and use for personal use.