Testimonial #6

“When we came to AM, we weren’t looking for more “together time”. We already ran a business together, played together, enjoyed each other’s company immensely. But somehow, AM helped us connect in a way that’s made us closer, happier, and even more intimate. Who knew the Foxtrot could do that?

When we came to AM, we weren’t looking for “new friends”. We already had some wonderful friendships with interesting, intelligent, and fun-loving people. But somehow, AM allowed us to meet a new network of joyful people from all walks of life who are excited to learn, willing to make fools of themselves once in a while, and interested in revealing themselves through dance. Who knew the Rumba could do that?

When we came to AM, we weren’t looking for ways to “handle stress”. We already knew the prescribed ways to deal with our heavy workloads, family issues, health stuff. But somehow, AM provided us with a true retreat from all those things. Now, as soon as we walk through the doors of the studio, all our troubles are left behind, and the focus is on fun. Who knew the Tango could do that?

When we came to AM, we weren’t looking to increase our “mental health”. We already knew the benefits of being social, trying new things, developing new hobbies. But somehow, AM revealed the proven benefits of combining body and mind activity (ie. dance!). We’re not sure anyone will accuse us of sudden brilliance, but we certainly feel more alert, more alive, and more able to focus. Who knew the Cha Cha could do that?

So what were we looking for when we came to AM? Actually, we wanted to find a way to exercise more without having to wear spandex in a gym full of buff youngsters. And at AM, we get a work out every time we dance, whether it’s a fun group lesson, a focused private session, or the Friday night party. As to the buff youngsters … well, people of all ages love our studio. And as to the spandex … it’s definitely not a requirement. (But twice a year there are themed festival events, and spandex is definitely an option). Who knew AM could do that?

We can’t say enough good things about why to come to AM. You may think you’re coming for one reason, but you’ll end up staying for a dozen more.”

Thanks for changing our lives,