Testimonial #4

The team at Arthur Murray Coquitlam/Tri-Cities is awesome. I feel welcomed and recognized as an individual by professional yet friendly people who have my best interests at heart. There is no separation by status, more advanced students support new arrivals. This was of huge benefit to me because of my shyness. My wants and needs are critically analyzed on a continuing basis with adjustments made to enhance my learning curve. I can progress at my own rate. I do not feel pressured to reach goals or schedules however any personal incentive I have to move forward is supported and encouraged. I joined the studio to learn to dance. I stay with the studio because of the people and the environment. The enjoyment I receive from my learning process and my involvement with this fine group of people could not have been foreseen by me. There are times when we do not know something is missing in our lives until we find it. This has been my experience with Arthur Murray Coquitlam/Tri-Cities.