Testimonial #2

“I love going dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Coquitlam for a number of reasons. Over the past seven years I have gone from a casual love to dance attitude to a serious goal-oriented program that takes priority over a great deal of my life. Why? Well, I want to live for a long time and enjoy good health. Travel is also a passion of mine and I love walking while exploring a different country every year. The dancing that I have participated in over the years has strengthened my body, given me joy and fun and sharpened my mind as I approach the senior years of my life. I am looking forward to many, many more years of this passion. Is it expensive? Well I have re-prioritized my life so that I can afford the lessons. When someone asks how you can afford it? I answer, how can you afford not to make this commitment to your good health and well-being? Try it, I guarantee that it will change your life for the better!”