"I love going dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Coquitlam for a number of reasons.   Over the past seven years I have gone from a casual love to dance attitude to a serious goal-oriented program that takes priority over a great deal of my life.  Why?  Well, I want to live for a long time and enjoy good health.  Travel is also a passion of mine and I love walking while exploring a different country every year.  The dancing that I have participated in over the years has strengthened my body, given me joy and fun and sharpened my mind as I approach the senior years of my life.   I am looking forward to many, many more years of this passion.  Is it expensive?  Well I have re-prioritized my life so that I can afford the lessons.  When someone asks how you can afford it?   I answer, how can you afford not to make this commitment to your good health and well-being?   Try it, I guarantee that it will change your life for the better!"



Irene B.,

"Ballroom dancing is fun and challenging.  The teachers are professional and a delight to work with . Brent and Barb the owners are genuine in their desire to see you grow and progress. This experience has been an absolute delight and we have made many new friends."


Chris and Jean F.,