It was only a matter of time before David would realize that he was destined to work at Arthur Murray. A self-taught guitarist and avid choir member as a youngster, it was clear that he had music in his soul. In his teen and young adult years David was drawn to teaching and leadership roles as a camp counselor and outdoor activities leader for local youth. He has always had a love for helping others, whether it be through outdoor activities, or simply sharing his contagious energy and positive outlook on life.

Several years ago, when David first came to Arthur Murray as a student, a new passion emerged – the love of dance! What better activity to add in – a social outlet that combines all his musical and athletic skills in a place where his puns and "Dad jokes” are not only tolerated, but welcomed with warmth and laughter 🙂  It was inevitable that he would one day become a part of the Arthur Murray teaching team and we are thrilled to have him along with us!