Nightclub 2-Step

NC2 arose from 80’s ballads – it’s rumoured to have been invented in order to dance to “Lady in Red” that was popularly played in that era.  Often, wedding couples come in to the dance studio with a song they think is Waltz and, secretly, NC2 fits – but usually NC2 is a bit too challenging for newer dancers on a tight schedule, unless they have had some exposure to partner dancing before (particularly Salsa).

At the slower tempos this dance is a romantic dance that can be done to many pop ballads. It is usually done to 4/4 time music and has similar patterns to those found in Salsa, although the style of this dance is much slower and smoother. NC2 can be danced to quite a wide variety of music. Feeling-wise it’s slow music with a clear ‘QQS’ rhythm (slow enough to feel like it’s not a Salsa danced to mellow music and you have time to slide the slow across).

NC2 can work a bit faster/upbeat which gives it a bit different, more playful feel.  In some cases NC2 can be adapted to 6/8 time music, even some that are sometimes played in Ballroom for Viennese Waltz, but danced at half the speed (taking 2 measures each basic).

NC2 can be a valuable dance in your dancing toolbox, it provides a niche dance for anyone who encounters slow dance music in a nightclub or piano bar setting.


Michael Buble “Home”

Shania Twain “You’ve Got a Way”

Lone Star “Amazed”

Lady Antebelum “Just a Kiss”

Dan & Shay “Speechless”

Leanne Rimes “I Need You”

Blake Shelton “My Eyes”

A bit faster:

Leanne Womack “I hope you Dance”

Justin Timberlake in “What Goes Around”

Marc Anthony “You sang to me”

6/8 time:

Kelly Clarkson “The Trouble With Love Is”