Social dancing is just what it sounds like it would be...

 …dance parties held, usually just for the fun of it, with people mixing, socializing and dancing with each other.

We host many in-studio practices, dance parties and special events at our Coquitlam dance facility for you to attend.  In addition, we organize out-of-studio dinner dances and galas throughout the year and there are lots of social dance options in our area.   You will find that there are so many opportunities to dance when you know how.

If you have no prior dance experience, the initial focus is usually to learn at least one slow, one medium and one fast tempo dance so that you’re as prepared as possible for whatever music might be playing.  From there you can focus mainly on those dances you’re enjoying most or those you most strongly aspire to do.

Ultimately the basic rhythms become reflex memory and you can relax and enjoy the music with your partner.  Spontaneity with the material you have learned is an important aspect of social dance, requiring a keen sense of leading and response.

Social dancing is a cure for many of the modern ills of our technology driven lifestyles – things like sedentary habits, lack of novel experiences or challenging memory activity and the social isolation that so many people experience.  Learning to dance opens up a whole new world of social possibility.  No one is an outsider once they learn to dance.

There are so many fun and friendly people ready to meet you out on the dance floor!  Check out our testimonials page and, better yet, make an appointment to come into the studio and get a chance to meet all of our great students and staff firsthand.

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio programs are personally designed and can be adapted to couples wanting to learn to dance together or singles hoping to develop the skills their own.

Most of our students aren’t interested in performing or competing and are dancing for the pure joy of it.  Developing good social dancing is a challenging and rewarding experience.  Most people find that the lessons and practicing are much more fun than they ever even expected!