Dazzle your friends and family! (and maybe even surprise yourself...)

Maybe you are performing for a special occasion like an anniversary, your son’s or daughter’s wedding or a party with co-workers. We have had students prepare successfully for all kinds of dance performances.  

You can make it your
“secret mission”, preparing something spectacular for your unsuspecting audience (our staff of dance teachers love being part of fun
situations like that!).

At Arthur Murray Coquitlam there are several opportunities throughout the year for performances, adjudicated showcases and dance competitions that our studio will attend. 

You will find that there are men and women of all ages and dance levels participating, giving credence to the saying “you’re never too old to start” – but everyone, no matter what the age, wishes they had started earlier.

Participation in performances can be an exciting way to expand your learning even if the social dancing aspect is your main focus.  You will become fearless (or at least a lot more brave) on the dance floor by challenging yourself at these dance events.