Cruise Dancing

Most cruises have nightly options for dancing – we can prepare you for their compact dance floors.

For couples, your dancing becomes a great way to connect together and an instant ice-breaker that allows you meet other couples on the cruise.  For single men, knowing how to dance is an instant ticket to being one of the most popular guys on the ship.  Ladies, who doesn’t want to be that sought-after dance partner we’ve all seen at social events?

Caribbean or tropical cruise destinations are made for the casual spontaneity of club style Latin dances – even a small knowledge of Salsa and Merengue can make your trip so much more fun.  (Picture a sexy Bachata together with your toes in the sand as the sun sets on a warm tropical evening!)

Mediterranean cruises conjur up romantic images of sophisticated gatherings with mixes of music with a European flair.  Ballroom dances like Waltz, Tango, Cha cha, Rumba among others blend into and glide across such dance floors.

Alaskan or Nordic northern cruises can have dance floors where Swing music abounds and there are so many dances to take advantage of here!  Swing, West Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Lindy, Jive adapt to the lively and fun atmosphere of such parties.

Most cruises have the requisite Disco Club where you can cut a rug with other versions of Swing, Latin dances and Hustle.

Next time you are thinking about booking a cruise visit the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Coquitlam  first so we can get you started on a whole new experience for your next cruise!

Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Dance Floor

An extension of our Social Dance focused program, you can use your dancing anywhere!

We have a great system of teaching to get you up on the floor right away and able to use your dancing at special events and vacation situations.  Because of the personalized programs at Arthur Murray Dance Studios we can focus your lessons to prepare you for specific situations you will be attending.

For example, we can prepare you for the dance floor on cruise ships, Christmas holiday parties, wedding dances or whatever dance event you can think of – everything from the formal ballroom of the Vienna Ball to a spontaneous casual dance with your partner on a beach.