Johnny is keenly interested in people and their personal development on a holistic level – the balance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

He is an avid reader with an interest in books focusing on personal development, psychology as well as human behaviour, communication and interaction. He has diplomas in varied disciplines such as Business Management, Life Skills Coaching and Wellness Counselling and Computer Information Systems and has tutored pupils in such fields as computer skills, math and accounting and was an official instructor for Young Drivers of Canada.

While Johnny loves doing yoga and Tai Chi, he has also participated in competitive sports such as captain of Maple Ridge Knights football club and has earned a variety of medals in dragon boat racing. He also enjoys ultimate Frisbee, rollerblading, skiing and indoor hockey.

Johnny’s skills in human relations combined with his commitment to helping others to become all that they can be is a great asset in our studio and we are fortunate to have him as part of our Arthur Murray team.