Meet Amanda!

Our lovely administrative assistant grew up in the interior of BC, where she learned to love the outdoors. She loved camping all summer and was an avid skier in the winters. Having 2 older brothers not only encouraged her to get involved in outdoor adventures, but also to seek out ways to let her feminine side shine.

Amanda fell in love with all things cosmetic at a young age, always jumping at the chance to play with make-up. As her skills grew she was charged with the responsibility of doing mom’s make up for Christmas parties, and eventually ended up getting certified as an esthetician.

After a few years working in spas Amanda found an opportunity that has allowed her to continue developing her love of esthetics as well as giving her a new love of working with people – imagine, a place where you can explore your inner beautician while connecting with people on a deeper level…enter Arthur Murray Dance Studio!

We are so proud to have this wonderful woman at the helm of our ship (aka running the front desk and keeping all the crazy dancers organized!) and we can’t wait for you to meet her too