Our staff of Ballroom, Latin and social dance teachers hold professional certifications with Arthur Murray International and/or the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (CDTA).

At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Coquitlam we utilize a ‘Team Teaching’ approach.  This means you get the added benefit of instruction from multiple instructors, all while maintaining the systematic approach that a good single instructor would offer.

Selfie (ish) - B & B
Brent and Barbara
Brent and Barbara grew up in the rural prairies and met while attending the University of Saskatchewan, just out of high school. Brent studied to be a future psychologist, and Barbara an accountant. For fun, each had joined the U of S Ballroom Dance Club and, along with a group of good friends, spent their first few dancing years obsessively
Selfie - Barbara Lynn edit
Barbara Lynn
Barbara Lynn started dancing ballet at the age of 4 and added jazz, tap and figure skating soon after. Her first professional performance was in the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company’s version of the “Nutcracker” at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the age of 10. Not long after, she joined the professional division of the Vancouver Goh Ballet. She was
Staff selfie - Johnny
Johnny is keenly interested in people and their personal development on a holistic level - the balance between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. He is an avid reader with an interest in books focusing on personal development, psychology as well as human behaviour, communication and interaction. He has diplomas in varied disciplines such as Business Management, Life Skills
2019 01 29 Vanessa Bio
Vanessa's vibrant energy is something that can't be missed - from her boisterous teaching style to her ever-changing hairstyles, she is a force to be reckoned with . Vanessa spent her childhood learning tap and ballet dancing. In grade school, Vanessa won her school's public speaking competition, which explains her lack of fear for talking (loudly) and singing (off key) to
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Bruno brings an amazing amount of positive energy and enthusiasm to our team. He has been an avid sports enthusiast his whole life – soccer is a favorite as well as intensive study of martial arts primarily Judo and also Ninjitsu. Bruno has an interest in a holistic way of life – he is a Reiki master and is passionate
Saira Butter August 2019 2
Saira is an athletic person who has always had an interest in sport, music and dance. She played badminton competively for 5 years and also found the joy of teaching others as she coached and mentored junior members of the club. Music has also always been part of her life, she plays piano and ukulele. Over the years, growing up
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Ask Kevin about his dance story...
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Our studio is growth oriented and there is lots of space here (and other locations) for the right, team-playing individual who loves to develop others' dancing and their own. Contact us about possibilities with our company - Arthur Murray is an organization with unlimited development potential....