Private Lessons, Group Classes and Practice Sessions will give you the practical skills for your specific situation in the quickest way possible.


Unique to the Arthur Murray 3-part teaching system:  you can start at any time.   Everything is scheduled by appointment – there is no need to wait for a multi-week gap in your schedule to learn to dance!

Private Lessons

On the personalized Private Lessons you will receive individualized instruction that will help you achieve your personal goals. Your instructors will introduce appropriate material with technique and styling for your dance improvement.   An up-to-date record of everything you have learned on your private lessons will also be kept.

Schedule these lessons at times that are convenient for you.

Group Classes

Group Classes are an important complement to your personalized instruction.  For newer students, the Foundation Group Classes are designed to help you gain a comfort level with a few basic dance rhythms by focusing on repetition for reflex memory.  More advanced group classes place an emphasis on additional dances, technique, style, and variation of patterns.

Each Group Class level has multiple options per week, so arrange them for when your schedule allows.

Practice Parties

At the Practices you will gain the practical skills of applying what you’ve been learning in your lessons – we dim the lights a bit, play the music and you give it a whirl!  Supervised by our staff of teachers, we’re always around to assist!  In addition, you will meet others in the studio and enjoy dancing in a relaxed, comfortable and social-oriented environment.

Practice Parties also have multiple options each week – choose which to attend, based on your schedule.

These Private Lessons, Groups and Practices are applied in a very integrated manner with a team of teachers ready to assist your learning, every step of the way. No other system can match what a Team Teaching approach can do for your learning.

Since it is the most powerful way to learn to partner dance, the Arthur Murray 3-part teaching system is often copied, but it is rarely matched – it is ideally applied with a true Team Teaching approach.  Arthur Murray has honed this teaching approach over the past 100+ years and is (quite literally) the inventor of how it should be done!

Each program is individually planned...

Other Features

Video Study (by request)

“One picture is worth a thousand words”.  Video study is quite popular with our dance students, especially those who travel often, and can be easily incorporated as part of your dance program.  This can be a great way of setting practice material so you can continue to improve your dancing between lessons.

Arthur Murray Dance Syllabus

Our dance syllabus is very comprehensive, providing a hugely versatile teaching range. There are opportunities for learning whichever dance style you choose.  Dances range from latin to swing, tango, traditional ballroom dancing or country western in either the social or competitive/show dance styles.  Over 100 years of development and fine tuning from hundreds of experts have honed our syllabus into a fantastic resource for your learning.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are carefully selected and trained to bring you the finest in dancing instruction. As part of the world’s largest dance teaching organization we are always upgrading to the latest techniques and styles.  Unique to Arthur Murray Studios is our “Team Teaching” approach.  Working together we can help you reach any dance goal through individualized, personally designed lesson plans and the latest techniques and styles.

In-Studio Social Dance Events, Theme Parties and Shows

In addition to our regular dance practice party sessions we also hold specially planned events, dinner dance evenings and dance “Festivals” with fun show opportunities and special group classes to enhance your learning. These provide social dancing and/or performing opportunities to expand our students’ dancing skills while having a tons of fun doing so.

Arthur Murray Medal Ball

An Arthur Murray Medal Ball is a one-day, gala dance event honouring students who graduate from one level of the Medalist Program to the next. Medal Balls also afford students the opportunity to enjoy their dancing in a fun and elegant setting at a celebration dinner-dance.

Arthur Murray Showcase

An Arthur Murray Showcase is a one-day event where students demonstrate their social dance abilities and sometimes present dance routines with personalized choreography. These routines make an exciting addition to your Medalist Program because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression along with your other dance skills.  This is our gala event for the year and you can attend the elegant dinner-dance as well.

Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama

An Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama is an exciting multi-day event full of activities such as day long pro-am and dancesport competitions, elegant cocktail parties, dinner dances, and exhilarating professional shows.

These events bring students together from many Arthur Murray studios to perform and compete, at their age category and level, in dances of their choice. Preparation for this requires specialized dance training to polish and perfect choreography, technique, and style. These gala events hone a dancer’s skill through preparation and focus, and offer a “dance immersion” experience.

Arthur Murray  Traveling Consultants

There are so many great coaches in the Arthur Murray universe!  For our longer term students there are opportunities for learning from some of the best dance coaches that the world has to offer as they visit the studio and offer private instruction and workshops.

Arthur Murray International

Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios as a company is the world’s largest dance teaching organization.  This allows your local Arthur Murray studio access to global trends and teaching techniques that more isolated schools often do not have.

Arthur Murray is a worldwide network of dance studios.  This is great for people who travel (especially those for extended periods) or people who may be transferred to other major population centres permanently. For those who are learning for someone special who lives far away, we can coordinate your dance program with other studios to make sure we are teaching you in the appropriate manner to make it all work.

Stability of the Arthur Murray Franchise

Because there are so many highly trained people involved in the Arthur Murray organization there are many skilled individuals available who could carry on the operations of the studio and maintain its standard of teaching.  This provides tremendous stability and you can rest assured that your lessons will always be of the finest quality under whatever circumstances that may happen.  No stand-alone dance studio can match this – there is a literally a worldwide team backing us up.

As an organization Arthur Murray, so far, has survived a world war and two pandemics in addition to the cultural shifts of the past century. We look forward to the next century of partner dancing and what exciting new developments there will be!