LAST CHANCE – Deadline this week for Spectator Tickets – Vancouver Dance-O-Rama show and competition (April 28,29)

Our entries have all been sent in for participants and now the deadline is fast approaching, this week, for spectator tickets.  Our Area 6 Dance-O-Rama is being held in Vancouver for the first time at the Wall Centre Hotel downtown.   There are many studios attending from our entire area from west coast (California northward), Hawaii and Alberta.  These events run mainly on Friday and Saturday daytime and evenings, April 28 and 29, 2017.

There are daytime tickets so you can see all our student participants out there shaking their stuff 🙂   Also available are the dinner gala tickets (Friday or Saturday) with the full slate of competitions for the best of our entire area, and beyond, to compete in One Dance competitions, American Smooth and Rhythm divisions and an exciting new Show Dance category.

Call or stop in to get more details and to arrange your attendance!