Showcase Photos – Machala Photography

Photos available for viewing and purchase from Machala Photography.  First, click the link:
1, Select:  My Photograph (upper part of the screen)
2.  Select:  All my photos
3. Select: Ballroom (gallery requires a password)
4.  Password: Ballroom (cap sensitive)
5. Select the gallery (event) you wish to look at.  Everyone has access to look at them but cannot download them since they are locked.
6.  If you wish to have your own gallery created to have you personal pictures available for purchase, please hover the mouse in the upper right corner of the photo you wish to select and record the number.
7. Once your selection is completed, please send a email to the Machala Photography Team stating your full name/telephone and email address.
8.  Provide the full name of the event gallery followed with the # of your photo selection.
Once the photos have been uploaded into your gallery, the Machala Photography Team will send you an email with your personal password to access your gallery (up to 7 days).  Please retain your password in a safe place for future reference.
The pictures will be accessible for  specific duration so please do not delay making your selection.
Prints are available for purchase via ZenFolio printing house associates.
If you have any  questions, please contact our Team.
Thank you.
The Machala Photography Team