Medal Ball Photographs available from Machala Photography – Online Now!

To see the photos, head to the website for Machala Photography.

Once on the website, go to My Photographs (drop down menu)

1. Select: All Photographs
2. Select: Ballroom (this will prompt you to type a password)
3. Password: Ballroom (this should take you to a page with 15 photo galleries)

All 13 galleries are available for viewing until January 15th, 2015.

To Purchase:
The photographs within the galleries are viewed in a lower resolution format (this means the picture quality is not optimum). Once you have selected the pictures you would like to purchase, please send an email to Machala Photography Team (email below) with the information listed below.

Your selected picture will then be uploaded into your own gallerie (Clients) in high resolution (higher quality picture = better printing quality). Once your personal gallery has been uploaded with your selection, you will receive an email from us with a password and you may begin your purchases.
(In order to avoid delays, please record and save your password so you may refer to it when visiting the website to view new galleries)
A. Full name:
B. Email address:
C. Dance Studio:
D. Student/Instructor:
E. Photograph #:

How to find the photograph #:
If you are in the “thumbprint” format (smaller pictures) hover your curser on the picture, you will see the number in the upper right corner of the thumbprint photo # (light grey colour). If you are in the larger size or slide show format, if you look on the upper right side of the page you will see the picture number (i.e. 66 out of 1632). The picture number is required in order to upload the picture into your personal gallerie.

Printing Information:

The Machala Photography Team would like to share with you some information regarding the picture quality/resolution since the printing options are varied and we do realize that this can be confusing at times.
When buying pictures you have several options:

Digital downloads:
Digital download are offered in three different resolutions.
1. Lowest Resolution: Best suited to view picture on a computer. It will produce an acceptable small format printed picture (5X7).
2. Medium Resolution : Often used for medium size pictures (8″ up to 16″).
3. High Resolution: Best suited for all pictures as it will yield the best end result. A must for large picture format (16″ and above).

Ordering Prints from the Website:
The website is designed to provide you with the optimum printing option based on the picture size, proportion, type etc. The system will prompt you automatically based on your selection and it is up to you to decide if you wish to go with the recommendation. The prints are processed in a professional printing house so the print quality will be of a higher grade than the average drugstore.

We hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed capturing all of you beautiful dancers. We would like to thank you for allowing us the privilege to witness this great love and passion we share called dancing!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email

The Machala Photography Team

Please feel free to share it with friends and family.
2017 Medal Ball

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2017 Medal Ball