Option to ‘Share a Square’!

First of all – no, it’s not a reference to Seinfeld 😉

We have had several people ask if it’s ok that they would share the group class square with someone else in the studio to practice their dancing together.   If that’s something you might be interested in we will have the ‘Share a Square’ list on the bulletin board at the studio.

Of course, you can still continue to have a square to yourself, if you prefer, but if you might be interested here’s how it will work:

In the old-fashioned analog kind of way, you will put your name up on the bulletin board list and see others on the list that you might like to practice with.  We can help with the contacting, if you need.  Then, when you come to group class, you can both be on the same square and practice the moves on your own and also together.

Since we aren’t doing the group class partner switching, for now, but the advice from government agencies does allow for us to expand our ‘bubble’ in a small way, and carefully, so this can be a great option for improving your dance skills at the current time.  We are continuing the careful policy of mask-wearing and sanitizing in the studio at all times.