It’s FESTIVAL time again in the studio! (confirm participation by this Friday, July 03)

We already have a nice big list of participants but there’s lots of room for more. We are looking forward to a fun time with our great group

FESTIVAL has lots of exciting things planned, including Arthur Murray Coquitlam swag, filmed performances, our first in-person group class for July 6th and our first virtual workshop with Bobby Gonzalez, hosted from Folsom, California on July 23.

We had a fun “Celebrate Canada Party” last Friday (via Zoom) – the first in a series of virtual theme parties. This coming Friday is the Pyjama Party.

If you haven’t joined FESTIVAL yet, the deadline is this Friday (July 3) since t-shirts are part of the deal and we need to order them for you, based on your size. Contact us for details…