Ely Apeldoorn March 26, 1940 – December 2, 2020

Below is the contents of an email we received from Ely’s daughter Aisha.  We were saddened to receive this news today about a treasured member of our local dance community. Ely, you will always be fondly remembered by all who knew you. So many wonderful conversations, so many wonderful dances! God bless you!

Hello treasured friends of my mom Ely,

I love this picture of mom (attached). I snapped it of her while showing her how to use facetime as she and I were having such laughs as we navigated her lessons on a smartphone. It was taken in September this year.

I would like to thank all of you who had sent such beautiful and caring messages to mom in the past few weeks. Everyone of them were read to her, by me, and both of us were overwhelmed by the love pouring out from them. Touching beyond our expectations. You’ve given her and our family such a gift with your affectionate words and memories.

Mom passed peacefully in her bed, in our home, while sleeping deeply, and having no pain.

It has been a challenging time, but we are so grateful to have had the time with her to care and share this time in her life. She had brought our entire family closer than we could’ve imagined. She has always been such glue, for so many. The gift of providing comfort and joy, that was Mom’s greatest.

In this current setting of social distancing, a celebration of life will need to be done creatively. It is our plan to host a remote gathering of friends and family come the new year, while we take time to grieve, reflect, and allow Christmas the time is deserves with family as well.

I will make another post announcing the plan and date at that time.

If you feel compelled to share more, you may absolutely use this email address zzzzzzzzzzz@outlook.com as I continue to check and read the lovely messages for my own comfort.

Thank you to all. Your kindness and love make such a difference, and provide a level of knowing mom that we couldn’t know without your stories.

They are priceless gifts. Xoxo

Most sincerely with gratitude,

Aisha and the whole Apeldoorn family ❤


If you would like to send an email let us know and we can fill in the zzzzzzzzzzzz in the email above so you can contact Aisha.