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Especially with the current virus outbreak situation we are connecting more and more with our students online.

Our BLOG articles will be added as we write them.  The purpose of our studio BLOG is for our management and staff to share some useful information for the dancing, motivation and sometimes just general entertainment of our dance community.   We certainly have some interesting people in our studio and all of us have so much we want to share with you!

October 2020

Cooking with Christy – Pumpkin Edition – Recipes

September, 2020

More Cooking with Christy from our Friday Night Zoom Parties...

Cooking with Christy – Tomato Edition

August, 2020

Christy, in addition to be a good dancer, is also a good cook.  She has shared many of her cooking projects with us at the studio and now shares them virtually, too!

Cooking with Christy – Recipes

July, 2020

Preparing your Wedding First Dance – 5 Things you Need to Know



June, 2020

The wait is over! We are open in the studio for Phase 2 of BC's Restart Plan with updated procedures in the studio. We are still doing some virtual private lessons for those who are extra vulnerable and we are continuing with our virtual group classes and practices. So, we are still doing lots of dancing solo during this period. Johnny has a blog article this week giving some ideas on how you can improve your dancing on your own...

5 Ways to Improve Ballroom Dancing on Your Own

May, 2020

You get three guesses on who might have written our next BLOG post 🙂

What the Borg Taught Me About Ballroom Dancing


Latest word has a non-essential business opening possibility for mid-May!  We are currently looking at a partial re-opening for the studio for Phase 2, the first week of June.


Last weekend would have been Vancouver Dance-O-Rama and Christy writes our next BLOG post about our reaction to that...

The Highs and Lows of the Dance-O-Rama That Almost Was




Hopefully, we will be reopening again, in a limited capacity, in a few weeks.  In the meantime, the studio is certainly a different place as we continue to self-islolate.

"Necessity is the mother of invention", they say, and we've been doing a lot more online with our students.

Our next article is Brent's take on the new, albeit temporary, normal...




Confessions of a Hater – What I learned about the Virtual Lessons that can help everyone




We are all experiencing unusual times where we are spending a lot more of our time at home, and often it's alone.  Christy writes our first BLOG article with some tips on how to keep your dancing humming along until we are all in the studio again:

Keep Your Dancing Alive When You’re on Your Own in Lockdown – Without the Boring “School-Figures”…