Gift Cards

Bring fun and excitement into the life of a friend with an introduction to dancing at Arthur Murray.

The perfect gift for your husband or wife that shows you want to spend time with them sharing a new experience together.  Maybe you have that single friend that you know just needs to get out and meet people more.  Or perhaps you or someone you know is attending a special occasion like a wedding where there is bound to be lots to dancing involved.  We can plan to prepare you for so many possibilities.

Our gift certificate comes in the form of a Dance Card.  You can give a program, a certain number of lessons or a specific dollar amount.

gift card

Arthur Murray Dance Card - Coquitlam, Vancouver and White Rock








Show that special someone that their Dance Card is full - a thoughtful gift for:

  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas / Holiday
  • Congratulations
  • Business Gifts
  • Mother's / Father's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Retirement
  • Staff Incentives


Sometimes we need new and unique gift ideas.

For couples, giving a gift that you can both enjoy together shows someone special that you really care. An Arthur Murray Dance Card will bring you closer and it's FUN!

For singles this can be the ticket to an exciting learning experience and new social contacts. 

There are so many benefits learning to dance - check out our Benefits Page.



A "Gift of Experience" for a Christmas Gift or any Special Occasion

It's always the perfect time to give someone special the gift of dance but it can really mean something special at holiday time.  So many times we hear "don't give me more stuff" and this where a gift of an experience comes in.  We can guarantee they will have a wonderful experience at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio!

Has someone you know mentioned how they've always wanted to learn to dance? Whether they are new to the dance floor or just wish to improve what they already have, an Arthur Murray gift certificate will certainly make their time on the dance floor a pleasure.


To arrange a personalized Gift Dance Card call 604-544-5008 or email us: