Updated June 9, 2021

Current updates from the British Columbia Health Department (BC Health) with Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix have indicated a progressive reopening of the province starting with Step 1.  Step 1 of the currently announced health order has returned to allowing the low intensity group classes so we have relaunched our covid-prevention-friendly group classes!  These will be hosted in accordance with the guidelines for indoor low intensity group activities posted by BC Health.  These are limited in size and require pre-booking for attendance so make sure you get yourself on the list before attending.

Personal training sessions also continue to be approved, so, with our careful covid-prevention procedures in place, we are happy to continue in the studio with private, in-person lessons and prearranged solo practice times – all distanced and by appointment. The private lessons have a Zoom option for participation at home, if preferred.

The social gathering aspect of the dance parties will continue to be held virtually (online via Zoom) on Friday evenings at 8:15pm.

We look forward to the possibilities as we progress through the future steps of reopening with guidance of BC Health. 

Our Specific Covid Plan

Step 1.  We have identified:

  • Areas where people may congregate.
  • Job tasks where workers are close together
  • Surface and equipment that people may touch.

Step 2.  Levels of protocols to minimize transmission risk:

Level 1: Elimination:

  • Occupancy limits have been established and posted for our facility.
  •  Virtual lessons are offered online.
  • Physical distancing has been implemented.
  • Any classes which result in elevated heart rate/breathing rate have been redesigned for low-intensity
  • Staff shifts have been changed to minimize numbers in the facility.
  • Our former in-studio social gatherings are now hosted virtually.
  • Seating/lounge area has been removed to discourage congregating.
  • Shared amenities such as coffee and treats have been removed – students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to classes, if necessary.

Level 2:  Barriers and Partitions:

  • The dance floor is divided into proper physical distancing spaces.
  • Private lesson/scheduled practice squares, marked on the floor, each have a 44.38 square metres of space.
  • The group class squares, marked on the floor, maintain 2.5 metres distance at all times during the class.

Level 3: Rules and guidelines:

  • Rules and guidelines have been identified regarding  how staff should conduct themselves.
  • Guidelines have been clearly explained to all staff.
  • Everything is scheduled by appointment, only, so it is able to monitor exactly who is coming and going, who is interacting with whom and specific numbers of people in attendance at any given time.

Level 4: Using masks

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask.
  • We understand the limitations of cloth masks.
  • Staff have all trained in the proper use of masks.

Step 3: Other measures to reduce the risk of transmission:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols have been implemented (particularly high traffic areas).
  • Students have a station when they arrive to keep their belongings separated.
  • Cleaning of these stations is done between each appointment.
  • Sanitizing station has been set up in the ballroom:  sink with soap and single-use hand towels, hand sanitizer and tissues.
  • Hand sanitizer is also on each student station.
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned during the day.
  • We wash hands thoroughly between appointments.
  • Temperatures are taken with an infared thermometre for everyone entering the studio front door.
  • Anyone showing symptoms should not enter the workspace (this is also posted clearly at our front door).
  • Anyone starting to feel ill must inform us so proper action can be taken.

Our studio procedures have been updated to the higher standards in response to the current outbreak situation.  Being part of the global network of Arthur Murray Studios has given us access to cutting-edge ideas and procedures to keep the studio operational in a safe manner for everyone concerned, staff and students alike.  We have been observing and learning since the Arthur Murray studios re-opened in Italy, the first of the Arthur Murray studios to experience the pandemic wave move through their country.  We’re moving forward positively, in the safest manner possible!

The safety and wellness of our students, studio staff and their friends and families is our first priority.  Of course, we will be assessing procedures ongoing as new recommendations become available and implementing necessary measures on a timely basis.

Know that our studio procedures have all been designed in accordance with the Worksafe BC checklist for Covid-19  and the recommendations of the  BC Centre of Disease Control.  Please be assured that we are taking all the necessary steps to keep the studio environment a safe one for your dancing.

Everyone scheduling any private lessons, practice times and group classes in the studio will be contacted with details.  If you have any other questions or concerns make sure you let us know!  You can always contact us by phone, text or email, on our Arthur Murray Coquitlam Contact Page.  We welcome hearing from you.