Covid-19 – Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Coquitlam

Updated September 09, 2020

Updates from the British Columbia Health Department with Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix have indicated a continued Phase 3 of the Restart Plan.   In Phase 2 of that plan, personal services such as barbershops/hairdressers, massage therapists, dentists and other retail began resumption of services.  Then phase 3 was engaged, allowing some, socially distanced, gathering places such as theatres.  There has been some scaling back since then with bars and meeting spaces serving large groups of patrons mandated closed as of September 08.

Being part of the global network with Arthur Murray Studios has also given us access to cutting-edge ideas and procedures to keep the studio operational in a safe manner for everyone concerned, staff and students alike.  We have been observing and learning since the Arthur Murray studios re-opened in Italy, the first of the Arthur Murray studios to experience the pandemic wave move through their country.  We're moving forward positively, in the safest manner possible!

We are excited to be back in the studio (since June 1, 2020) with private, in-person lessons, prearranged solo practice times and socially distanced group classes - all by appointment.  The group classes are offered in the studio for in-person attendance (with an appropriate pandemic protocol for all of us to adhere to) with Zoom streaming of those classes, for those who prefer or who are on the class waiting list. 

The social gathering aspect of the dance parties will continue to be held virtually (online via Zoom) on Friday evenings.   Stay tuned for exciting in-person dance practice and in-person and virtual event ideas as the year progresses. 

Of course, we will be assessing procedures ongoing as new recommendations become available and implementing necessary measures on a timely basis.  Know that our studio procedures have all been designed in accordance with the Worksafe BC checklist for Covid-19  and recommendations of BC Centre of Disease Control.

The safety and wellness of our students, studio staff and their friends and families is our first priority.  Our studio procedures have been updated to the higher standards in response to the current outbreak situation.  Please be assured that we are taking all the necessary steps to keep the studio environment a safe one for your dancing.

Everyone scheduling any private lessons, practice times and group classes in the studio will be contacted with details.  If you have any other questions or concerns make sure you let us know!  You can always contact us by phone, text or email, on our Arthur Murray Coquitlam Contact Page.  We welcome hearing from you.