One might be surprised at how much garbage a dance studio can generate.  We have a large active student body with 3 often well-attended practice parties, 10+ group classes and a full slate of private lessons throughout the week.  These, along with the additional special events we hold in-house, can create a lot of waste. We have recycling options for paper, plastics, styrofoam, and aluminum.  Cold and hot take-out drink cups, plastic shopping bags, rinsed take-out containers and bags all go in our recycling and are diligently sorted by us for the appropriate recycling facility. Any containers that  have a deposit associated with them, such as pop containers and juice jugs are kept separate and are donated to a fund that helps fund charity work in Africa. We also have a composting container under the studio kitchen sink that can take all the left-over food, appropriate food wrappers, napkins and compostable packaging.  This is placed in the city composting stream that eventually finds its way into nutrient compost and mulch in city parks. All this sorting results in a garbage output that is enviably small.  Thanks to everyone who puts all their waste in the appropriate bin!