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Short description of the styles of dances we teach

Jive (North American social dance)

Particularly in Western Canada the term "Jive" is often used in reference to a fast social swing dance using single side steps and "quick, quick, slow, slow" rhythm. This North American Jive is a very fun, adaptable dance that is danced socially and is known by many different names depending on where you live. This…
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Zouk (Brazilian)

Yet another hot Latin dance from Brazil.  Characterized by long, sweeping rhythmical movements Zouk is related to the Lambada and Samba but has a style all its own.  It has a slower, sensual feeling with a slight upward and dropping action creating a wave-like effect as it moves forward and back.  In advanced styling there…
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The hot dance sensation from Brazil sometimes known as the "Forbidden Dance". It was a fad dance in the late 1980's in Europe and then North America but continues to be danced in Brazil as it has for decades. Quite possibly the ultimate "dirty dance".
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Slow Dance

This dance is related to Fox Trot but is done with even timing and on smaller crowded nightclub floors. This is a great dance for couples who want to get out on the dance floor immediately. It is useful in jazzy nightclubs or lounges.
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