Every day we deal with this skill, or the lack thereof. To be able to stand up, we need balance. To be able to walk or run, we need balance.   Even to sit and not fall like a sack of potatoes, we need balance!

This ability is so important that it is embedded in our development since birth.  From our first attempts to crawl, to our first steps, we are learning this.  With time (and by the choices we make – like laying on the couch, now? Hehe) we tend to lose this.

Ballroom basic movements rely on us just making our body move onto the next foot without falling (crazy, right??). When you take a step, pay attention to how many adjustments your whole body has to do to get and stay there. In a sense, it’s kind of magic that we can do all that without thinking about each step of the process.

Ballroom dancing can expand this consciousness and allow you to be more aware of your own body. How to change weight from one leg to the other? How to collect and control the speed of your movement? How to use your foot to propel you to the next step? The list could go on and on…

…and I am not even writing, yet, about the dance partnership and the effects of another person’s balance on you!

Developing your own balance can make you walk better, run better, avoid falls, etc. In essence, it can allow you to make better use of this “machine” called the human body.

Start dancing and let me know what other benefits you can discover for your life.

Big hugs!


Bruno Engler-Lamberti – Ballroom Dance Teacher and long-time Martial Arts enthusiast.  A keen observer of life lessons, Bruno has lots of wisdom to Blog about.