Customized to Meet Your Needs

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Each person has different goals in mind when learning to dance. We can tailor the teaching style to ensure that each student learns in the way that suits best.

Your customized program is developed as we work with you,  in a combination of …

  • Private Lessons

  • Group Classes

  • Practice Parties

Simple Steps

The dances we teach are largely based on the same
basic movements, just combined in different ways to different rhythms…

Utilizing our system you will gain the practical skills for your specific situation in the quickest way possible.

Get Involved A Little Or A Lot

If you’re looking for more out of your private and group lessons there are plenty of events in the studio and around town.  Attend as a social dancer, as a spectator or a performer!

  • Ongoing Studio Practice Parties

  • Special In-studio Events and Theme Parties

  • Social Dances and Demonstrations at Various Local Venues

  • Gala Events: Showcases, Medal Balls and Dance-O-Rama Competitions

You can start anytime.

Your program is specifically designed for you.

All class levels are running on a continuous ongoing basis.

You choose your own schedule and progress at your own rate.