Thatiana was destined to become a teacher. As a child she would arrange her dolls into nice, neat rows and teach them everything that she was learning in school, much to the delight of her father who was a teacher in their hometown in Brazil. As she grew up, Thatiana was an avid social dancer, always inspired to move to the infectious beats of Brazilian Samba and Zouk music.

While Thatiana's degrees and original career path were focused on business, quality control and productivity, her heart has always been focused on the improvement of herself and the world around her. She has always been happiest when expanding her horizons (like when she learned to play the piano or the semester of drama that she took), or when she is helping to improve the life experience of others (she has always made sure to make time in her life to volunteer with both seniors and children).

When Thatiana and her husband moved to Canada, she was blown away by the discovery that teaching dance could be an actual full-time career, not just something to dabble in. Upon discovering this fact, she jumped into Arthur Murray with both feet and has found deep satisfaction on this path - from being able to feed her thirst for knowledge and love of sharing knowledge with others, to being able to spend each day moving to music, to being able to touch and improve the life experience of those around her by bringing dancing into their lives.

We are incredibly fortunate to have this kind, passionate and enthusiastic woman on our team, and while she may occasionally miss the quiet, undivided attention of her dolls, she finds teaching human pupils much more fulfilling!